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Monday, August 15, 2011


Originally uploaded by The McIntires

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we now live here:

i've decided to combine my photography blog with our family blog. we realized that our family blog has been completely neglected and i was totally feeling overwhelmed with the thought of trying to update both. so please head on over to the new 'THE MCINTIRES' if you feel so.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

mr. clapper

for the past week little boo has been clapping up a storm! everything receives his applaud. big brother finally has someone who completely appreciates his antics, even when they involve terrorizing finny. oh, and sitting up.... psst, it's a breeze.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Month 8

Dear boys,
So i'm sitting here with Finn quiet in his crib and big brother Owen "resting" and quietly interrupting me every 20 seconds, which is exhausting, even more so than the already busy day we've had. It seems that we have finally come up with a doable routine and in many ways the days are getting easier. There are so many times that i've wanted to sit and write, basically every month goes by and i do want to update, but boys will be boys and the many interruptions are expected but overwhelming.

Finn - you are a joy for us, constantly smiling and happy, such a beautiful boy. you're still army crawling, and getting mighty fast at it too. sitting up is coming along, but you still need someone close to you to catch you when you start to tip. baby food is a breeze and i'm trying to teach you to sign 'more', but i think you've figured out that if you bang on the table you'll most likely get your way. when big brother decides that you've had way too much time playing with a certain toy that he has deemed his, you freak out, and it scares him into quickly giving it back to you. i'm pretty sure chasing him is your absolute favorite thing to do. Your squeals are priceless and all you want to do is grab O's hair.

Owen - you are growing up right before our eyes and becoming quite the big man of the house during the day. i've seen your protective side while taking care of little wild thing, picking him up and holding him when he cries. you reassure him in such a sweet, yet loud and sometimes insistent way "IT'S OK, FINN!!!!!!" over and over again. i am so blessed by your sensitivity towards others too, holding the doors for girls, and telling me that you love me - right before you ask for a lollipop. the crazy things that come out of your mouth are priceless, one-liners that are forever kept safe by twitter.

All in all the past few months have been fun, as well as exhausting. I'm sure this entire summer will be filled with many starts and stops, with the "starts" being mad dashes and the "stops" being screeching halts. I pray that you boys survive our crazy mad life. Know that I am quietly looking for ways to prolong our days and minimize our rushing around, to enjoy the stillness around us, even if its just for a moment (when little wild thing is sleeping).

love, mama

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The boys

Saturday, February 26, 2011

why didnt i think of ear protection?!

so the other day, while i was feeling like just the maid, i decided "hey! why am i the only one that vacuums? my boy has two hands and two feet!" so, i just asked him. and he was so excited. that is, he was excited to clean his room, not his brother's.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 months 1 week

Dear Finn,

so i was reading past posts and have realized just how much you are the second child. i'm sorry son, but we are a busy family and you've just been along for the ride. its true, i hardly take any photos of you during the day, and when i do get around to it, they are from my phone. i just havent had the gusto to pull out the big camera and sit down and take photos of you, let alone edit them and then post/write. but, that is going to change. i promise. starting tomorrow, or thursday. guess i should charge that sucker up.

i really do love that we documented O's first year the way we did, and i'm regretting not doing that so carefully with Finn. so.... dear finn, in your world lately:

you roll over. at 5 months, just last week, you rolled over for the first time in front of GG. i was so excited that she was able to experience that with us. it's just back to front, and you get pretty upset that you get stuck, but i'm sure that in a few weeks you will have it down.

you eat baby food. honestly i'm kinda excited that you have started on solids. hopefully it will mean longer naps during the day. you're eating bananas, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and peas. i just pulled out owen's little seat for you and even though you slump a little, it's easier than mr. fluffy bunny chair, who's ears are permanently stained orange.

so i'm not really sure how much you weigh right now, but i'm guessing it's about 16/17lbs. my right arm is jacked from carrying you and your large car seat, and i really cant wait till you move into the regular car seat. i think i'll switch out when you start sitting up. my back cant take having to lean so far into the car to get you in and out.

i was just saying to your daddy the other day how i cant believe how quickly these past few months have gone by. you are such a joy to have around and are constantly smiling and laughing. you love your brother and are so much happier when he is around, and so am i, he entertains you and checks on you all the time. his favorite thing is to growl at you, which i'm pretty sure you love. God blessed us incredibly with you and i could'nt imagine our little family without you.


Thursday, February 03, 2011


Originally uploaded by The McIntires

finn at 20 weeks

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a little crafty crafty the effort to get back into blogging..... here we go.....

over the past few months i've been perusing different blogs and all the while wishing i was as talented or as creative as he/she. a few days ago i came across made by joel, a really awesome blog. so we took one of his great ideas and went to town, literally! we made a city block, which i completely copied his style and designs, but oh well.

O has this box of blocks that only come out once in awhile, so i snagged one and creativity was born! we both spent an hour or so just creating and dreaming up scenes. O isnt quite finished his, but i love the colors he choose! i really cant wait to see what he thinks up for his buildings.

next on the list is to add to the city blocks with city people.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Month 3

Dear Finn,
You are 3 months! We made it! You truly are the happiest baby, and it is so refreshing and wonderful. Things are becoming easier and I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to you sleeping through the night. Our routine right now is pretty crazy, getting your brother to school and timing naps in your crib, I'm still trying to figure is all out. You sleep so well in your car seat and I guess for right now I just need to be ok with that.

Mornings are getting better, though you still wake up crying, ready for your bottle and someone to be with. You really like being around, in the mix of all the action. It's as if you are afraid that you will miss something if you close your eyes. As soon as you are fed, we come downstairs with Owen and you sit in your swing and just watch your brother or whatever is on tv. Many times you end up falling asleep in the swing and I'm able to get a few things done before the morning is up.

Owen loves you so much! He is constantly saying how great you are and how he thinks you are the best thing. You are always staring at him and when you hear his voice, you quickly turn your head to try and find him.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Month 2

Dear Finn,
Boy, was your brother so concerned for you! I think you received 2 shots and O kept reassuring you "dont scream bloody gurder." He really loves you so much. I am so thankful that he takes such good care of you. He always wants to help and and is good at distracting you when it's your fussy time, which just so happens to be right when i'm trying to fix dinner. Your aunt beth told us of a miracle cure for this colicky fussy behavior, called Colic Calm. Only a mere $20 of insane greatness! Honestly, we used it for a week, and it has turned our fuss head, drama queen *according to the nurses at the hospital*, into such a pleasant infant. You are getting so big already! You weigh 12lbs, you little chunker. As much as I cant wait for you to become more mobile, I am praying that I enjoy this time and I know that God has blessed us with you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Month 1

Dear Finn,
You are 1 month old already! I have to say, time sure does fly when the days run all into each other. At times I feel like I'm losing it and other times I have everything under control. It sure is different having two boys, and I think I'm going to love it after we get through these first few months.... 3 months here we come! They keep saying things start flowing and working out around then.

Nights are so rough right now. Your daddy and I share the burden, I mean JOY, of feeding you at night. He takes the 9pm and 12am, and then I'm up for the 3am and 6am. Whew... I didnt miss this at all! My brain feels fried and I cant finish sentences, and then get frustrated at O for not getting what I mean. He is slowly starting to understand "mommy talk". Just the other day he patted me on the head and said "Start brain, start!"

You truly are a blessing to our family and I'm so thankful that God gave you to us. I honestly cant imagine our lives without you. When I think of our future with you in it, I just smile and envision so many adventures that we all are going to have.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday night

...started like this
and then moved on to this :)
and then BAM

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rick + Faith

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday afternoon bike ride