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Thursday, April 30, 2009


we have been enjoying the weather over the past couple of days, despite it being incredibly hot and than oddly cool. i guess this off and on weather is sort of typical for PA and we're fine with it, but sometimes i do wish that we could truly enjoy 4 seasons. its definitely nice to get out of our long sleeves and soak up the sun, we've needed it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oldie but goodie

taken on our trip out west, 3.5 yrs ago. i'm sure when owen is old enough he will be completely embarrassed by this, and i love it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Month 39

Dear Owen,
Today you are 39 months old and seriously the cutest kid I know. I am proud to call you mine. This month has flown by and it truly is amazing how much you've grown. You are out of your size 2 jeans, but the 3's are a bit too big, so you run around with your one hand constantly pulling up the back of your pants. You dont mind really, until they fall down to your ankles, pulling you down with them.

The weather is finally changing and so is the mood in the house. Spring brings out the best in us. You love playing outside with the girls next door. Even at 7am your already asking to go outside to play. This month we brought your drum set downstairs when rick came over to practice with daddy. He taught you a few new beats, so now every morning you tell me that you need to practice, and off you go playing exactly what rick taught you. We actually had to get you a new drum head because you were playing so hard and poked your stick right through it.

You also read your first word, other than your name, and your daddy was a proud man at that moment. You read everything and most of the time you tell me that it says "DO NOT TOUCH!" and you yell it, just like that. I'm really enjoying this moment in time that we have, experiencing the same old things thru your eyes. Its so fun and priceless. I absolutely am in love with your sense of humor and the way you see life. In many ways I feel rejuvinated by you.

I love you,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

swinging joy

we are gearing up for a beautiful weekend and to start it off a little early i took owen to the park this afternoon. it was a blast and we chased each other around for about an hour and then headed on home to take naps. i love nap time and will be so sad when they come to an end for owen. its a time for me to rest and relax before the late afternoon/evening begins.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

who know's where we're going?

went to longwood and met up with a bunch of moms and kids. it was great! check out some of the rest here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


last friday night we had our friends rick and faith over for dinner. rick brought his loud drums and faith brought her beautiful voice to practice with brian for the easter sunday worship. as soon as rick started setting up his drums owen ran upstairs and started bringing his set down. owen can play beats, but rick showed him a different beat to try. it was really fun seeing O be a part of practice. the coolest thing is, is that he now can not wait for brian to get home so that he can play along with him.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

tomorrow is easter

and my son doesnt even know, but that is not to say that he doesnt understand that jesus loves him. holidays are just a bit different nowadays. my mom was the hub of our family, we all were the spokes. she created meals, hosted, and drew everyone together, whether we appreciated it or not. i have tried hard to be that hub, and i'm constantly asking the question "what would mom do?" i had every good intention of getting O an easter basket, dying eggs, laying out fresh pieces of white paper (for the easter bunny to wipe his feet on), mailing out easter cards, ect.... oh yea, and try to explain to owen that jesus died for his sins and rose again on the third day. a hard concept to explain to a three year old, when just last week he began a very worried conversation with brian that he didnt want to die. so this year easter has just been a bit low key.

but God graced me with an amazing moment thursday night. the boys played worship at a church and owen and i came to listen. after the short sermon everyone was invited to partake in communion up front. people lined up quietly and owen started asking what everyone was doing. i explained that they were taking communion, (another interesting concept for a three year old). i told him God sent jesus down from heaven because he loves us, and that we dip bread into juice so that we can remember that. he said so matter of fact "ok. i want to do that." i said "ok, do you understand why we are doing this?" and his reply was "because God loves me. lets go mommy. i want to do that." i figured yep, he gets it. he gets the simplicity of what easter is, without the eggs and baskets, and yummy candy. he walked so confidently up to the bread basket, grabbed a HUGE piece and dipped it into the grape juice. he gets that God loves him.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


there are times when all i want to do is travel with B, but these show the great times when i travel with O.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


owen found these sunglasses the other day and i think they are just perfect. he only wore them for a day and they were supposed to come to disney with us, but during packing they fell under the table and were completely forgotten, until he wanted them.

sunrise on church st.

every morning i look out our bedroom window at the sunrise. we have these blinds that dont really do that great of a job cutting out the light. usually i just roll over and go back to sleep, but we are dog sitting this week and he was up and wanted out. so.... i get up, B gets up, and of course O gets up, so much for sleeping in. but i took today as an opportunity to photograph our street, something i dont necessarily view as beautiful, but sunrise always adds something.

Friday, April 03, 2009

church st

this afternoon was awesome to take photos. the clouds were amazing and after i got home from driving and taking photos, it started to rain and a great rainbow appeared. sorry it's a bit on the blurry side, i forgot a took off the auto-focus and i didnt have a tripod. oh well... still came out pretty cool. check out other shots from this afternoon at my photo site.