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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lunch with GG and Great Grampa

Owen and I like visiting his great-grandparents for lunch on Fridays!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

we smile

our little stud muffin makes our day. everytime i look into his blue eyes i think of the day he is going to fall in love; i think of the the adventures he is going to have and the things his eyes will see. it excites me, yet terrifies me. but then i remember that God has him in his hands, he is God's to protect. and when i remember that, i'm not afraid.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

the manipulator

Every day Owen is less like a little baby and more like a little boy. Smiling, laughing, punching his hanging toys, grabbing our faces, and best of all -- crying to manipulate his parents. He has learned to cry himself to sleep and we think that'll probably pay off in the future. So, we're staying strong! Well, except for last night. Mommy just couldn't take it any longer. Not two minutes in her arms and the little trickster was sound alseep!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

great outdoors

this afternoon instead of meeting at home, i asked b to meet owen and i at marsh creek. it was such a beautiful day to enjoy. owen just laid on the blanket staring up at the sky and watched the leaves on the trees blow, he was so enthralled. it's great to find new things to do with a 4 month old. he loves being outside!

Friday, May 12, 2006

any ideas??

so i was thinking to myself... i want to take up photography again, not just shooting photos of our beautiful son... but really trying to find a topic and run with it. the hard part is thinking of something really unique as a project. so if any of you have ideas....
check out this interesting idea: The Thought Project

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

home again, home again

so i'm home and i feel alot better, except i have 4 little time bombs waiting to explode. it's so good to be with my son, i sure did miss him alot. i was so afraid that he would do a first-time something and i would miss it.... ya know, like talking, walking, ect. he is advanced for his age. so when brian and i went to my parents to pick him up on sunday i got myself all excited about what his face would look like when he saw me. i thought to myself 'yep... i'm sure he missed me, he's gonna be really happy and smile and love me and of course throw out his arms and say "mom"!' what he actually did was just stared over me, around me, basically right through me, and when he did make eye contact it was like "who the heck are you!?" i was disappointed, but what did i really expect after pawning him off on a few families (thank you, thank you) over 5 days. but, the past few days have gotten us back to our normal routine. yes, waking up at 6am is great! ugh. as owen is getting older (4 months in 2 weeks!) he is mostly out of his all out 'screaming in the morning i'm awake come get me' stage... now he talks to his mobile with the occasional 'i'm here, come get me' scream. it's pretty funny and b and i just laugh.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tap tap tap

as i sit here thinking about how my life is going to go back to fairly normal tomorrow, there is a lady next to me, behind the curtain who is dying. Theresa has Alzheimer's, and though i know nothing of the disease, it seems as though she is losing to it. she doesnt speak, only taps her chest repeatedly now and then, almost like she's trying to get someone's attention. the doctors and nurses have come in and out, going behind the curtain, talking about high fevers and DNR. i've never heard the phrase DNR spoken except for on tv, i have to say it's a bit freaky, and very sad. her son was in with her earlier today and he was speaking of her so highly, how strong her heart was, how she always fought back.... i wonder when they will call him.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


on saturday we went to our friend sharon's wedding at the bel voir mansion on the delaware river. it was beautiful. we had a great time meeting new people and of course eating! sharon was so gorgeous that when she started walking down the aisle people were still sitting. she looked so happy and to that we say congratulations!

Monday, May 01, 2006

plaid is back

i have always wanted to buy my son plaid pants! they are the coolest little man pants i have ever seen. in fact, i like them so much, he wore them 3 (yes 3) days in a row. not the whole day though, i'm not that obsessed.... just whenever we went out.... which of course we did alot of, cause i wanted people to say how cute he was. and they did. and i was happy. and since these are green plaid pants i think he needs a pair of blue plaid pants. but then i really think about it... and it's becoming summer time... so... he needs a pair of plaid SHORTS!!! i love plaid.