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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

month 35

dear owen,
i hope that when you look back on these letters, you will forgive me for missing months in between. life is busy and one day you will realize there is only so much time in the day. it seems that right now our life is go, go, go. i think we've been going so much that i've self consciously deemed one day a week to be a home day. which is tough for both of us. they usually become movie days, or playing with your street carpet with all your cars, which incidentally i counted the other day and you have 63. i guess i shouldnt be surprised because whenever we go to target or wegmans, or really anywhere they have matchbox/hotwheel cars, we grab a couple, each time. it adds up. but you love them and they keep you occupied for approximately 10min before you call me over to play with you, and then we build garages and houses for the cars out of the blocks bubba got you. well, i build and then you crash into them. fun for you, a bit frustrating for me.

soccer ended this month, and i'm so thankful that we now have the whole day together, but i do miss it, a bit. but that meant that we started potty training, and in 1 day you were potty trained. it was amazing and i was impressed. good job son. every time you go you say, "can you believe it mommy!" and i say, "nope! i cant believe it!"

the holidays are just around the corner, and today we were at the mall and you wanted to see santa. i think he was on his lunch break, but we'll have to go back. everyday you keep asking if it's snowing and you put on your hat, scarf, jacket and boots before you're even out of your pajamas, wanting to go outside. and everyday you ask if it's almost christmas time. this year is going to be different without memee. but God is good, and i keep reminding myself of that.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tulum, mexico

this past weekend, us and the laraio's, traveled down to the riviera maya to enjoy the sun and rest and relaxation. the trip was great and on day two we decided to go snorkeling in a lagoon and visit the ancient mayan city of tulum. we're still unsure about whether the mayans were indians or just a people group. kinda leaning towards the people group.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


out for a drive today with owen and had to stop on the side of the road so he could pee. i saw this great old mailbox. the weathered look of it was so intense. i wonder how long it's been there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

little rock star

jumping on the bed is the best place to play guitar.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Five years ago today

Can you believe it? I love you Linds.

Friday, November 14, 2008

friday morning drive

Thursday, November 13, 2008

west chester

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i remember that my mom really liked these. there is something delicate and antique about them. i can imagine them dried and sitting in a vase on a dining room table.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

open house

friday night celebrated an event that has been over 10yrs in the making, and i am so incredibly proud of my husband. he and his fellow colleagues work so hard to make this a night to remember, staying up till 3am most nights for the past few weeks. we had our friends and family, clients and potentials, come out and open up brownstone. dj dan fisher did an amazing job creating a sweet atmosphere, and the food was outstanding. once again, i'm so happy and proud of brian.... this is a dream come true.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

stencil art

tyler came over the other day and showed me some stencil art that he had done on his tshirt. i was immediately drawn to it and thought i'd give it a shot. this is my second attempt of an obama shirt, and though it's much better than the first, i'm still getting overspray. at least the tshirt were only $2.50. i'm thinking i need to use thicker paper or acetate. meaning now i have to drag owen back to a.c moore for the 3rd time since yesterday. i'm looking for ideas for tshirts too... so if you've got 'em, send them my way!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We did it! Now what?

I received the following email today from Jim Wallis, President of Sojourners (


Yesterday’s election represents a watershed moment in the life and history of our country. Regardless of how you voted, our entire nation can celebrate the milestone of our first African-American president. We can all embrace this profound opportunity for deeper racial reconciliation and social justice.

But this is also a moment that demands prophetic leadership and the power of a faith-inspired movement. From the abolition of slavery, to women's suffrage, to civil rights, history shows us that political change happens when social movements push on open doors of political leadership. And the best movements have spiritual foundations.

Please join me in telling President-elect Obama that we will pray for his presidency while also holding him accountable to the promises of a new kind of politics:

This election represents a new and open door for change. However, we know that President Obama will face tremendous pressure and obstacles in pursuing an agenda that addresses the moral imperatives to overcome poverty, develop renewable energy, responsibly withdraw from Iraq, and dramatically reduce the number of abortions.

That is why your commitment is needed now more than ever. We must ensure that the campaign slogan of “change” becomes a new movement for change.

Send a personal pledge to the new president, telling him that you will be part of that movement:

We will deliver your pledge to President-elect Obama and his team, with the message that the faith community will be mobilizing both in support of him and to hold him accountable. Sojourners will start with President Obama’s own pledge to mobilize our nation to cut poverty in half in America over ten years and provide the leadership necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals to cut extreme global poverty in half by 2015.

Join us in ensuring that these campaign promises become a reality:

In recent times, religion has been both too narrow and too divisive. The faith community can now play a new role—bringing people together on the biggest moral issues of our time—even across old political divisions.

This election has shown that the era of single-issue voting is over and a broader moral agenda that seeks common ground on moral issues has begun. Members of Black churches, Catholics, evangelicals, Latinos, and mainline Protestants are acting on a broad set of biblical values. I look forward to the day when both poverty reduction and abortion reduction become nonpartisan issues and bipartisan causes.

Please join me in offering President-elect Obama our prayers and our actions as he assumes the responsibility of leading our nation in a very challenging time:


Jim Wallis
President, Sojourners


We have decided to be committed to praying for President-elect and soon President Barack Obama. Will you join us?

Love wins.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Free to Breathe

yesterday morning Paige, Meredith, myself, and Diana, got up early and traveled down to boathouse row in philadelphia and ran the Free to Breathe 5k race. we all had a great time and agreed that this was going to be a yearly event for all of us. last year i ran by myself, but it was so great having my sister and friends be a part of this event. we ran in memory of my mom.

yard work

owen grabbed this photo of me while i was working, and i love it! we have been slowly finishing up the backyard. we hit a wall about a month ago and have been trying to push through it. with winter coming we're going to have to wait till spring to plant, but that gives us a ton of time to dream and plan out exactly what we want our yard to look like. we just laid grass seed and overlaid that with hay, so hopefully the frost will be held at bay and in a few weeks we will see some growth.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

trick or treat