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Friday, August 29, 2008

my girl

Thursday, August 28, 2008


so this morning, before owen was stirring, i was sitting in bed surfing the web and found the absolute, most incredible, amazing, beyond belief deal. as you know, i would love to upgrade our camera gear and i found this:$289, savings of $3,304 unbelievable! i knew it was an error, but once in my life i was going to jump on it. so i ordered it, really quick, i added on a 5yr warranty for $120 (typically $500) and also 2 day shipping, just for good measure. i got my confirmation number. i was set. then an hour later i saw this:
yep... i knew it! they left out a 9 at the end! obviously my order prompted some quick action by fotoconnection. i would have hoped that i would have received a phone call or at least an email apologizing and thanking me for finding their error... and i was really hoping to hear these words "hey... since you found this, and ordered it already, we'll give you the advertised price." NOPE! nothing, i have heard nothing... no phone call, no email... i went online to their store to check my status of the order: CANCELLED. somehow that just seems wrong.... and sad.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

month 31

dear owen,
this month has brought some big changes for you. a change in schedule is never easy, but you are adjusting so well. i went back to coaching soccer for the fall, and the past two weeks have been filled with having a babysitter and having nap time earlier and then cut into, never fun. that time is over though, now you have me most of all day. we've also started biking alot together this month, and this past sunday you just wanted daddy to take you. i kinda felt left out, but i'm realizing that you need that alone time with daddy, and he needs it with you. i cleaned the whole house while you two were gone, and the moment you stepped back into it you went for the toy box and started pulling everything out again. you love being home these days, probably due to the fact that you think we're going to take you on a 12 hour car trip. we've had too many of those trips this summer. last night we went to pick up nana from the airport and the whole way you said "we go on trip now?" you still ask to go to disney world everyday, so traveling isnt completely out of your blood yet. plus, mama has a few things up her sleeves for us to travel too, so get ready for an exciting next year. God truly has blessed us by you. i'm seeing so many changes in you over the past few months and it's hard keeping up with you. i love you.
love, mama

Monday, August 25, 2008

getting there

the backyard patio is coming along nicely.... we have been able to enjoy so many meals outside now. it's one of owen's favorite places to be. for some reason it's just so much more relaxing being outside and enjoying an evening meal together under an umbrella. we still have lots more to do, but we're getting much closer to seeing the vision of our backyard being built. let me tell you though, if we ever sell, there will need to be a brick patio in place already, there is no way brian is ever going to lay 2500+ pieces of brick again!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


you are thought of
wishing i could tell you

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pain in the....

...fill in the blank for me... dont you just hate it when you get this great idea and it just goes down the tubes? a few posts ago i put up for sale our d50 and all our lenses and accessories, in the hopes of being able to upgrade. yesterday afternoon i pulled everything out, started organizing the equipment, getting it cleaned, ect. i went outside for a moment to water the plants, they were looking a little wilty, and noticed how incredibly beautiful our roses were looking. which is a feat in itself, that i think is due to the fact that we have major wasps flying around our yard, the wasps eat the bugs that have been destroying my roses. anyway, i decided to grab the 70-300 macro lens and take some photos. got all hooked up and my camera crapped out on me. i got the ERR message. the mirror locks up and it wont shoot. i pull out the trusty d50 manual, locate what to do in the event of ERR, and it says : SEND TO NIKON REPAIR IMMEDIATELY, THIS THING IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE. actually it doesnt say explode, that's just what i felt like. so down comes the ebay listing and out goes the camera to NY to the Nikon Repair place. not sure what the turn around time is for something like an ERR message.... bummer.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

two a days

its during these two a days that i go back to saying, this is it, my last year..... but today is our last day of showing up at 8am and then again at 4pm. the girls look great this year and we are hoping for a state championship, last year we made it to the semi-finals. wish us luck, say a prayer, come on out to support us - game schedule.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

marsh creek

"the beach" - as owen likes to call it
throwing rocks at minnows
rolling in the sand and "i getting dirty"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


today we went bowling. soccer pre-season is three weeks this year, so we decided to give the girls a bit of a break today. here is owen with kate, they are a year apart and she wanted to do everything he did. it was really cute seeing them bowl. we lasted about an hour before owen wanted to hit up the video games, unfortunately i forgot quarters.

Monday, August 18, 2008

For Sale

For Sale:
(1) Nikon D50
(2) Nikon D50 Rechargeable batteries (not shown)
(1) Nikon Quick Charger (not shown)
(1) Sigma EF-430ST Flash
(1) Sigma 18-125mm 3.5-5.6 lens w/ lens hood (on camera)
(1) Sigma 70-300mm 4-5.6 APO Macro Super
(1) SanDisk 2.0G Card (in camera)

All gear is in excellent condition.

Yours for the low price of $850 (will also consider selling items individually)!
Let me know... thanks!

bike ride

yesterday, after 4 days of continual asking, we finally were able to take owen for a bike ride. basically the entire time he repeated "we on bike ride?" and, it was the first time he enjoyed the entire trip up and back from the uwchlan trail. i'm hoping his excitement for riding continues, as our new goal is anywhere we are going to, in town, we are going to either bike or walk/run to. when you see me, ask how we're doing. it will push me to keep my goal, knowing someone out there might ask!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

a good habit to start