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Monday, November 27, 2006


hahaha... what was i thinking when i wrote this post. in all honesty when i wrote about the fact that owen would stay awake for an hour at a time i had no idea what i would be in for now... the boy stays awake for 4hrs + before going down for a nap... no wonder i'm as exhausted as i was when he was a baby. chasing after him and his box, wrestling, and just keeping him entertained is more than enough to fill the day.... but what a fun day it is.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

month 10

dear owen,
this past month you have grown so much. you are almost walking, and all you ever want to do is push your box. there are a TON of toys now neglected in the corner... cause all you want is your box.

you push it all over the house.... it's your mode of transportation. and it is the cutest thing ever. just today you learned how to turn the box around and "drive" it. in the past, wherever you would push it, there you would end up, stuck, against the wall, against the door, against the steps. and you would cry. but now, now you can turn. how long will it be till you actually walk?
everything still goes in your mouth. it's so great to know that you are really into being hygenic and clean.... especially at the park, where i'm sure a million kids have slobbered on those red balls.

but hey... you dont mind at all... whether its books or a table or your hand, for some reason you like the taste.

i love staring at you. its so amazing watching you discover new things and new ways to do things. you've started imitating us when we say things... mostly just noises. even though you are facinated with your box, i can now put you in front of your toys and you will actaully sit and play while i'm able to get things done around the house. i cant leave you for long, but now i can actaully move from room to room without you having to follow me. you're not afraid to be by yourself anymore.

this year we hosted thanksgiving... what a great but crazy time. since we had the room, everyone met at our house. your great-grandma memee and great-grandpa ken came from michigan and stayed in our guest room. they had a great time getting up with you in the morning and just being involved in everything you were into. as your daddy said... owen, you breathed life into them.

mama (which now you finally say)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


i know just about everyone has seen this video... but i find it so amazing...

Friday, November 17, 2006

my lindsay

Not long after we got engaged, our friend Karen sat me down and asked... "Brian, why do you love Lindsay?" At that point Linds and I had been dating for about a year and half ... a full six months longer than the mandatory 1 year (thanks mom) ... and I think I did ok answering the question. But now, after 3 years married to this wonderful person, there are so many more things I love about my Lindsay. I love when she texts me "come home ... we miss you!" in the middle of the day. I love her endless search for the perfect antique. I love the courage and strength she displayed in childbirth and the same courage and strength she now displays in motherhood. I love when she cooks dinner. When she says "let's go for a ride." When she insists that we pray together. I love the sight of her pretty face buried in a book. I love listening to music with her. I love traveling with her. I love that she never tries to be someone she's not. I love her ems jackets, her sweatshirts, her keens. Even her blue slides. I love her sophisticated taste. I love her art. I love that we can ride in the car, no destination, no words ... just the ipod on shuffle ... and be perfectly content. I love her hopes for the future, and that she shares them with me every once in a while. I love that she finds great beauty in an old stone farmhouse. I love watching her play with Owen. I love listening to her read him a book. I love it when she tells me how beautiful she thinks he is. I love singing "Oh Owen!" duets with her in the car to calm him down. I love that she loves The Fire Theft. I love when she sings along to "Heaven" and the smile she gets when she hears that song begin. I love her gentle spirit. I love her honest critique. I love that she'll drive 4 hours for a short walk on the beach a slice of Mack & Manco's. I could go on ... happy anniversary my love.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 years

its been an amazing three years. i still think back to our wedding and what an amazing weekend that was. the courtyard was incredible, the food was so great, the weather was amazing, and the company was perfect. i dont think it could have been any better. and i still cant believe that our friends drove 22 hrs to meet us in new orleans.

brian and i had such a great time showing our friends around our favorite city. in 2000 i lived down there with my aunt and uncle over the summer. i grew to love the city and the people. summer, june 2003, we were engaged in City Park, under a huge oak tree. that weekend we searched all through the quarter looking for a private courtyard to have our wedding. we found the Princess Monaco.

we have only been back to new orleans once since our wedding. after katrina hit we were told not to come to the city until at least next year. we hear that it has changed so much and it's not the same city that we grew to love. but we honestly do know what it means to miss new orleans.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

at the park