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Thursday, June 29, 2006

just missing the dog

as of 1pm today we are the proud owners of this! well, half of this... it's a twin. we are so excited and will be moving in the next two weeks, so feel free to stop by and help out if you want! haha, i've got a ton of empty boxes to fill, and the house has alot of white walls to paint - if you feel like your artistic side needs a fix. we've got wall paper to tear down, and kitchen paneling to remove, as well as outdoor work - if you're the woodsy type - all those shrubs in the front need to be removed. give us a holler and we'll be more than happy to put you to work... tyler, i got you down for digging my pond in the back....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


by far, this is my absolute favorite blog. Dooce. i would love to write with such freedom and creativity. give snippits of my day with such humor. only problem, i'm a mom with a 5 month old who cant remember what happened an hour ago. seriously, do not ask me what happened last night or what i did, cause i do not remember. my only thoughts are when did owen eat last, did he poop today, and lord god almighty when is he going to nap! i guess that's why so many older moms push the babywise book on you... there are no more questions of when, just drill sergeant like routines, where somehow everyone is supposed to be happy.
UPDATE: as of 12pm today i have already failed in remembering the fact that i was supposed to meet up with sue at peace of pizza.... my sister called around 11am and asked what i was doing for lunch, and of course my brain said 'nada, nothing, wanna go to peace of pizza??' so went around 11:30am... and sue walks in around 12:15... and of course i think 'oh! what a surprise!' and she says "hey, sorry i'm late.... oh, looks like you've already eaten.... " and i say... "ahhhh, ooooohhhh.... oops! i totally forgot." well... my sister and i had a great lunch... and maggie moos... except the little boy that she nannies had extra yellow marshmellow with gummy bears and marshmellows mixed in. it turned to yellow soup after 5min and the bears were drowning. so sad..... and gross.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


i never knew how much fun a couch could be. not only are they useful pieces of living but our couch comes equipt with its very own peek-a-boo brian. i must be going parent crazy, very similar to stir crazy, or cabin fever, cause everytime brian walks in the door from work i make him play peek-a-boo. i think i get more of a kick out of it than owen does. as brian crouches down behind the couch, owen gets a blank look on his face. as i understand it, for babies if something is out of sight its out of mind. brian suddenly pops up from behind and startles owen to the point of almost crying, but then he laughs, and laughs alot! so the game begins. embaressingly enough i've found myself asking brian to crouch down behind many a couches... owen of course refuses to perform.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bridge at the Beach

brian and i left for the beach around 11am and arrived to find an overcast, sand blowing in your face, pretty chilly on the beach kinda day. owen had a total look of frustration the entire day. he wasnt too thrilled with all that wind and sand and lack of nap time. we've been to the beach twice and owen has yet to experience a hot, sunny day. he met so many people yesterday, i think that every girl there had to hold him and squeeze him and say that his cheeks are chubby. yes, i know, he's got chipmunk cheeks, if he actually ate i'd think he was saving food for later in there.

the greatest thing about going to the beach for the bridge service this year is that we were both able to hold owen and worship with him. what an amazing feeling holding our son and thanking God for bringing him into our lives.