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Friday, October 26, 2007


Monday, October 22, 2007

21 months

My dear Owen, in two days you will be 21 months old. Your mom just gave you your first official haircut and although it's still pretty long, people are finally no longer calling you "such a cute little girl." :) You just recently learned to give me a hug but we call it a squeeze. You can say Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Meemee, Gigi, shovel, eye, ice, no, hot, gobble, and Elmo. Neuw = more. Da-dow = towel. Dath = bath. Die = Bye. Uh-dah = what's that. "Ba-dow" is your word for everything you don't know how to say. You can roar like a lion, bark like a dog, chirp like a bird, laugh like a monkey, and moo like a cow. Before every meal we reach for your hands and say "let's pray" and you say "no" and pull away, and then when we start praying you immediately change your mind and reach out your hands to hold ours. You don't need your booster seat anymore, instead you climb up on the chair and kneel (or stand) while you eat. And you're a good eater. Some of your favorites are pizza, spaghetti, bread with butter (you just eat the butter), bagels with cream cheese (you just eat the cream cheese), and anything you can "dip." When we ask you, you can point to your elbows, knees, cheeks, hair, eyes, nose, and just about every other body part. You and mommy love to draw with crayons on the big brown paper, and make pictures of monsters with glue, feathers, puff balls and googly eyes. You love to play with the neighbors Callie and Audrey, and with your good friend Ava Manni who affectionately calls you "Owie." You love hanging out with Erin in the afternoons while mama is at soccer practice. You bring me indescribable joy each day when I come home from work and you shout "dada" and run to meet me at the door. I still love giving you your bath before bed. Most nights, when I head to bed later than you and your mom, I go into your room, shine the light of my cell phone on you in your crib, put my hand on your back and ask God to protect you, bless you, and grow you into a man of great faith. I love you buddy. - Dad

Monday, October 15, 2007

washing the car

thank goodness that the weather was so beautiful this weekend! during our lazy sunday b and i were able to get both cars all cleaned up. there is nothing like having a clean car, especially when the insides have become a disaster zone because of a kid, and because of an erhmm, coffee addiction. that's right, we pulled 6 sippy cups and 10 coffee cups out of 1 car, and not to mention the entire laundry basket full of of toys, books and cars! i think it's a new record. owen was down for a nap for most of the car washing part, but as soon as he got up he was right out there with us, getting soaping wet.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the zoo

i have never seen my son so mesmerized by animals as he was this past saturday. brian and i decided to take owen to the zoo and it really was so much fun watching him experience and enjoy all the different types of animals. i took him with beth a long time ago when he was just little, when we were just looking for something to do. this time was so much better because he could really enjoy it. it took him a while to get out of the "in awe" face and he constantly had his hands in his mouth.... so the petting zoo wasnt really my favorite. he was a tired little boy afterwards and we were not 2min away before he konked out.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

valley forge

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

crazy hair

photo - beth