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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

month 7

dear owen,
tomorrow you turn 7 months old. you have changed so much over the past month and a half. sitting up is a breeze and rolling over is not a problem. we moved into our new house and you seem to love your new room. it's so much bigger than your little nook on the farm.
when we were in maine you learned how to clap your hands by nana singing to you "clap, clap, clap your hands, clap your hands together". i think we must have sung that song a thousand times just to see you clap. your daddy and i almost went out a bought a video camera, we were that excited!

you are becoming so curious lately, and not everything goes into your mouth quite as fast. your taking your time to examine what is in your hands. it's so fun to watch you realize that your holding something new and different. but then after those 4 seconds of deliberate concentration that neither your daddy nor i can break, whatever you are holding goes right into your mouth.
you now have a favorite blankie. i know, i know... i shouldn't have given it to you. i can just imagine when your 7 and you're still dragging it around. but you love anything silky, so i had memee make you a small blanket to hold. you love it and fall right to sleep holding it, even pulling it over your head.

i cant believe how much you enjoy being outside. when you are outside you just stare up at the trees and smile and laugh. it's so funny. you reach up with both hands to the sky, like you're stretching. changing you has now become even more of an adventure than before with you eating real baby food. i cant believe that you actually like that stuff. well, you don't actually like all of the flavors. veggies are still tough for you to eat. you gag, and cough, and then if i still try and force you to eat any type of green vegetable, you'll actually throw up. someday you'll realize that green stuff is good for you. we're still waiting on your daddy to come to that realization. back to changing you... you now move. not just move but you actually try to get away from the new diaper. this presents a problem especially if you've done number 2. it has become a game though. you belly laugh and it's so hard for me not to laugh along as i'm struggling to get your dumb diaper on. and of course everytime your diaper finally does get on, its crooked or your butt cheek hangs out.

it has been so awesome watching you grow and get older. everyday i am amazed at the things you are learning and what i am learning from you. God is changing me and i am learning to rest in the things that He has given me. and he has given me you.

love mama

Monday, August 21, 2006

8.19.06 congrats

just wanted to take a moment and congratulate matt and ciji on their beautiful wedding. we had a blast and the food was great! as you can see, the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Monday, August 07, 2006

hello from Maine

Being here makes me realize how much I miss when i'm caught up in the busyness of life back at home. Some days I am out of the house before Owen awakes and I arrive back home after he has fallen asleep. Sometimes Lindsay and I barely have time for a real conversation. But not here! Days are spent playing with Owen on a blanket in the yard. Or going for a drive with Lindsay and talking about our house, Owen, or things we're learning about God (imagine that!). And so I wonder, how important is all that stuff that makes me miss out on time with my family? I'm sure these are thoughts everyone has when they take a vacation. I'm also sure that most people go home after a week or two and nothing at all changes about their busy lives. May it be different for us this time, I pray.

Lindsay atop Mt. Washington. (ok we drove up :)

Owen and dad on the Rockland breakwater.