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Saturday, December 31, 2005

getting ready

It's so cool to feel him kick, well at least it is for me -- i'm not sure Lindsay would still say it's cool since it hurts now when he kicks his little feet up behind her ribs! He's getting big and just about outgrowing his cozy home. Now if we could just decide on a name...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

blessed this christmas

Isn't she beautiful. Less than 5 weeks until we meet the little guy and it looks like it'll be at least that long until Lindsay can wear her new green jacket. Oh well, i tried. Christmas was fun today. Breakfast and lunch with mom and dad C, Tyler, Mer and George, then it was over to Joel and Beth's for dinner with the Morse / Brigham / McIntire / Boyles clan, and finally the perfect end to a great day -- dessert, coffee and laughs at the Uhlers. Christmas trees disappeared beneath mountains of gifts. Delicious food was served and gobbled right up.

This year we all had fun passing around the newest member of the family, little Jackson (or "Jack" as his uncle Brian likes to call him), born to Beth and Joel on Sept 25. Next year should be a trip -- two little one-year-old boys to chase around. I can't wait.

This Christmas eve Linds and I broke from tradition and spent the evening alone together at the apartment. Although a big huge part of me really missed wine and cheese with the Mayers or card games around the table in Michigan with Meme and Ken, it was nice to just sit back with my best friend, wrap gifts and watch a movie. I am so blessed. Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

oh what a night....

saturday night was so much fun! the band played at the world cafe live in philly and the sound was amazing.... i think it was the best set that i've ever heard them play... not that any other sets were bad ;o) this one was just great. there were a ton of people that came out and it was really cool to see the boys up there enjoying themselves so much. i was so proud of them.... they're definitly going to have to play there again!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

baltimore, brakelights, baby aubrey

Today i returned from a business trip to Baltimore ... well actually Owings Mills which is a good for nothing town just west of the city. But the really important event of the day was the grand entrance of little miss Aubrey Elizabeth O'Malley. Matt and Missy became the parents of a little 6 pound 2 ounce baby girl this morning. Lindsay visited them at the hospital today... i was busy taking pictures of myself while driving back from Baltimore :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

batteries not included

so last night was pretty eventful! i was coming home around 10:15pm and a cop flew by me... i immediatly thought to myself "oooh, that stinks for whoever he's pulling over..." so i pulled into our driveway and there was the cop, with his lights shining, parked diagonally in front of our apt door. "woah". so i slowly got out and watched as he is walking around the other apt/main house's property with his flashlight shining all over the field and around the house. anyway... i was fairly curious... ok... a bit freaked out, thinking to myself "is there someone roaming around our property..." ends up that the main house's smoke detector was going off and the other tenant called 911 cause she was scared that there was a fire. so... 5 fireman and the police officer break down the locked and deadbolted door that leads between the two to find a smoke detector's battery going on the fritz..... ahhhh... good drama thankfully wasted. we called the landlord and his first question was "did they break anything...." ahhhh... just the door....

Saturday, December 03, 2005

the mass

last night steve and brian played at The Mass... a very cool, chill, reflective, meditative, quiet, simple church service in elverson. it reminded me of a prayer room, with stations all around where you could draw, or look at photographs, make magnet poetry, or just read passages from the bible.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

baby mac

i cannot wait to see what you look like.... you have your daddy's smile already. what kind of personality are you going to have... will you be an athlete or an artist or a musician, or have a combination of everything. whatever you are like and whatever you become, we will love you.