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Sunday, November 25, 2007

drumming with uncle greg

Saturday, November 24, 2007

saturday with the o'malleys

It was really wonderful to be with Matt and Missy today... long overdue, and just like old times ... well, except, now there's these two......!

Friday, November 16, 2007

4 years

yesterday marked our 4 year anniversary. as i think back over the 4 years, i am honestly amazed at how quickly they have gone by. we have had our share of amazing fun, adventures and travels, heartaches, growing pains, beach days, mountain weekends, day trips, and just lovely days as a family. before brian and i married, i had all these expectations of what married people do.... and what we have done and are accomplishing now as a family far exceeds what i thought it was going to be like. in two weeks we all are flying down to new orleans to celebrate. i think back to when our family, who flew, and our friends, who made that awful 22hr drive, came to our favorite city ever to see us married. what an amazing time and will forever be etched into my memory. i cant wait to be back in that city, it has been too long.

Friday, November 09, 2007


last night we were invited by the manni's to go see phil wickham and david crowder band. it was a great show. we were able to meet phil wickham, which was pretty cool. the coolest thing is that phil will be playing at RADIATE 07 this year in d.c., where the band will also be leading worship. so it was nice to get a bit of a preview, and he was great. david crowder was also pretty sweet. i'm not really into their cd, well that is, until i actually saw how they made some of their funky, weird sounds. for those of you who are guitar hero fans, yes, david crowder plays the guitar controller for one of their songs. pretty cool. as well as having megaphones set up in front of their mics that they sing through for another song. how do people come up with this stuff... ??

PB 'stach

yes, this was on purpose. owen loves peanut butter and decided to smear it all over his face, while his aunt beth and i were definitely encouraging him by laughing. he thought it was the funniest thing ever. i'm now afraid that every time we have pb, i will be giving him a bath afterwards!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


not bad for my first ever 5k. on friday i decided i wanted to someday run a race. so, on sunday i ran in the "Free to Breathe" 5K in philadelphia. not much time to give myself to train. actually i've never even ran 3.2 miles before. but it was such a great time. the race started at 8:30am, and it was FREEZING! i didnt even really have a goal in mind and as i was running i just started thinking to myself... 'huh, this isnt so bad, in fact, this is actually fun!' we ran along boat house row, and it was really beautiful. there were so many people there that my motivation began to become 'dont walk, dont walk'. and i made it, i didnt walk. even with my shoe coming untied with a mile to go.... i didnt walk!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


lately, owen and i have been enjoying the struble trail. at 10am, almost every other day, i pack him up in his stroller and run as far as i can until he starts climbing out and whining. i get about as far as a mile, and honestly, i'm winded.... he gets down and we start our walk back to the car. the entire time he is chasing after leaves or finding acorns to put in the bottom of the stroller. i love the fact that he loves being outside so much. it will be interesting to see how he does when it starts getting colder!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

arg, matey